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The Process

STEP 1 - Quote Request

Submit a Quote Request to us (including plans)

STEP 2 - Fee Acceptance

Accept Quote (via email or phone)

STEP 3 - Application Form

Apply for a Building Permit (download the Form 1 Application for a Building Permit) and email to us at together with the documentation detailed on the relevant Checklist

STEP 4 - Assessment Process

Your application will be assessed by one of our team and we will get back to you with either a Request for Further Information or, in some cases, with your Building Permit.

STEP 5 - Pay Invoice/Fees

We will email you a copy of your Invoice and once we have received full payment, we will email you your Building Permit and stamped documentation.

STEP 6 - Commence Construction

Once we have issued your Building Permit you are permitted to commence works.

STEP 7 - Mandatory Inspections

Once construction commences, you will need to book a mandatory inspection as detailed on your Building Permit (NOTE: for Building Permits issued by Tekcon Group only). To book an inspection please:

  • Call the office on 8746 9249 with at least 24hrs notice; or
  • Send an email to detailing the preferred inspection date and time, the type of inspection, address, site contact name and number. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

STEP 8 - Compliance Certificates

After your Final inspection you will need to provide us with relevant Compliance Certificates. For example:

  • Form 15 Application for Occupancy Permit
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Waterproofing
  • Insulation
  • Glazing
  • Termite

STEP 9 - Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection

Once all mandatory inspections have been approved and all necessary compliance certificates submitted and any owing fees paid, we will issue the Occupancy Permit or Certificate of Final Inspection and email it to you. We will also email a copy to the relevant Council.